Dedicated to Students


University of Arkansas students now have a newly remodeled classroom where they can learn from each other and discover together. The renovation was a gift from U of A friend and benefactor Katie Thompson and renamed in honor of her and her late husband, Joe.

The Joe and Katie Thompson International Students and Scholars Classroom will be used for cultural demonstrations and international education training.

The classroom is located in the heart of the international students and scholars office in Holcombe Hall.

The Thompson’s have generously supported students and campus initiatives for nearly 30 years.  Most recently, the gifts have supported international students and programs and allowed U of A staff to:

  • Provide transportation for students and scholars
  • Enhance academic and career advising services
  • Offer resources when an unforeseen financial emergency arises

Thompson’s generosity in funding the classroom remodel has provided a warm and welcoming place for students to gather, learn and organize community outreach events. A plaque was placed outside the classroom to recognize the Thompson’s for their kindness and their love for the university.


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