Career Connections


International students will soon learn career tips from international alumni. Staff in the International Students and Scholars office have partnered with alumni in Northwest Arkansas to create career development programming.

The project will better prepare for students to be successful in the workplace after graduation.

The areas of focus for the project are to:

  • Establish a LinkedIn page to connect U of A international student alumni. The page will feature insights from alumni worldwide. Their tips will focus on lessons learned in career preparation, job search and orientation to full-time employment.
  • Encourage new students to join LinkedIn before arriving to campus. Taking this initial step will help new students move toward a successful experience in the worldwide job market.
  • Involve local international alumni in orientation. A pilot networking event was incorporated in the spring 2019 orientation. Both alumni and new students benefited from their conversations. Discussions centered on the U of A experience and how to transition from student to employee.
  • Support international alumni who live in similar locations to gather socially. Alumni living outside Arkansas will host send-off gatherings for new students coming to the Fayetteville. Alumni will also welcome new graduates who are re-locating to the area where they live. The U of A is a welcoming campus, and the alumni can provide that welcome wherever they live.

Are you interested in being part of the career development programming? Contact James Flammer via email at He will be more than happy to have your support.


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